The Method

The method of Poxibilita is composed by two elements: "Reframing The Mainframe" and "MindSet Coaching & Training"

Reframing The Mainframe

Reframing the MainFrame is a way to overcome your self-imposed limits and develop collaboration in all kinds of relationships.

Starting from the relationship with oneself, a functional approach is articulated, based on results, useful both for private life and for professional collaborations at all levels.

The Reframing the MainFrame uses universal principles such as the alignment between words and actions, language management and above all the intervention on the belief system (MindSet) to transform behavior and life experience.

MindSet Coaching & Training

This type of specific coaching focuses on the way of thinking and the impact the behavior has on both  private and professional relationships.

The intervention, one to one or group, focuses on the customer's belief system; it promotes individual and collective reasoning, to develop, where there is preference, new paths, more functional and satisfying.


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