I’m Davide

Leadership & Executive Communication Specialist,
Mindset Coach

Working with Davide is a unique and liberating experience. His insight and wisdom is accompanied by candid conversation that reveals new pathways, options and ultimately strategy to achieve the goals we all have. Although sometimes uncomfortable, my team and I have appreciated our encounters with Davide and he remains a voice I can return to for advice and perspective time and again.
Mucai Kunyiha
Chairman of the Board Kenya Association of Manufacturers
Davide Zaccariello is insightful, honest and creative. He has the uncanny ability to capture the conversation that is at the heart of the matter in a way that opens possibility in the most difficult situations. I highly recommend Davide to any company looking to develop leadership, implement change and create new levels of synergy on their team. He is one of the best I have ever had the privilege of working with!
Daniel Tocchini
Leadership Whisperer | Master Negotiator | Organizational Change Management Wizard
Great adherence between the agreed objectives and the results obtained, The trainer's ability to keep the attention of the participants very high, knowing how to listen to everyone, both through the classroom and through individual coaching sessions. The personal involvement of managers during individual meetings is extremely positive, he stimulated them to find solutions to concrete cases. Empathy of the trainer out of the standard
Daniele Puccio
Country General Manager of Xerox
official bio

The story

Davide Zaccariello, trained in the USA as a Personal Development Trainer & Coach, spent the first 15 years of his career serving penitentiary and psychiatric institutions, palliative care departments in hospitals, and developing paths for prison and social workers, as well as paths for victims of abuse and recovery of social outcasts.

From 2007 onwards he entered the world of Executive Education, developing the Reframing the Mainframe method and the MindSet Coaching & Training.

He has collaborated with Corporations, SMEs, Universities and individuals. He currently teaches relationship communication and leadeship development as an adjunct professor at Ashridge (HULT) Executive Business School in the UK.

What he does now

MindSet Coach

Davide Zaccariello specializes in Leadership Development and Executive Communication.

Take a practical approach, developing the ability to influence others, neutralize resistance and manage the progress and impact of difficult conversations.

Its services are particularly appreciated in C-suite coaching, the training of executive coaches & trainers, succession, mergers, acquisitions, (non-legal) management of internal and external conflicts, development of strategies for engagement & retention.

the company


Founded in 2008, Poxibilita offers a variety of coaching services and courses for individuals, teams, and corporates. Our goal is to help you better understand yourself, your business, and those around you.

Poxibilita will give you deep insights into the power of communication, language, and conversation. This is not only in terms of communication between yourself and others, but also the way you communicate with yourself. 

The skills you will learn through Poxibilita are essential for attaining success and fulfillment not only in your professional life but also in your personal life and relationships.


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